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The Wine List

We hope you find something you like among our line.  Please watch for quarterly limited releases!

Marechal Foch (Dry)

Marechal Foch is a popular Iowa grape.  This is a dry nice that is grown in our Anamosa vineyard.  It has an oak edge from being on oak for about 8 weeks.  The earthly edge brings forward the fruit that Iowa is known for.

Wine Glass

Petite Pearl (Dry)

This is one of the newer grapes to Iowa.  We grow it in our vineyard just outside of Marion.  We blended this dry red wine with a bit of Frontenac Blanc to give is a punch.

A glass of wine

Norton (Dry)

We fell in love with this grape in Hermann, Missouri.  We knew we had to have it in our line.  This was oaked for about 8 weeks beginning with Hungarian Oak and later American Oak.  This wine has more body with a bit of a pepper note.

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Red Wine Tasting

Red Blend (Semi Sweet)

This blends all our reds, including a few not mentioned above.  We have slightly sweetened it a bit for those that don’t want a big dry wine.  It is refreshing when cooled down and a sipper when at room temp!

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Red Wine

LaCrosse (Dry)

This is dry, but not too dry.  If you are a semi sweet drinker, give this a try.  The apricot note calms the wine down.

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White Wine

Frontenac Blanc (Dry)

Grown in our Marion vineyard this is our driest white wine.  Be ready for the fruity pineapple note that softens on your tongue.

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Wine Tasting Events

St. Peppin (Dry)

We have not had St Pepin in the past (even though we grow this at both vineyards), but here it is – 2019!.  This is a bit different with grapefruit notes.

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Wine Glasses Hanging from Rack

White Blend (Semi Sweet)

This is the blend of all three with a slight sweetness to those that don’t want completely dry wine.  It is refreshing and easy to drink.

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Swenson Red (Semi Sweet)

While this grape is slightly red, it is typically a white wine.  We left it on the skins to bring in some color and added some sweetness to round it out.  Get ready for a sweet but tangy taste.

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Red Wine Tasting

Aronia - Grape Blend (Sweet)

This is a blend of Aronia Berry and Petite Pearl wines.  It has the earthy tone from the Aronia Berry, but is relaxed by the Petite Pearl.  This is a favorite by many!


Strawberry Rhubarb (Sweet)

We did our best to please the Strawberry Rhubarb fans with this one!  Served cool it has an aroma that lets the wine dance in your mouth.

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Wine Bottles

Frontenac Gris (Rose')

If you have heard of bottle shock – our Gris found it!  It is a dry Rose’ with a strawberry hint.  If you want to sweeten it, blend with our white blend!

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